Risto Haataja in Canadian TV discusses security policy in Parliament Hill, Ottawa

24 October, 2014


Risto Haataja, Managing Group Senior Partner of Temi Group was interviewed at Global TV (Canada) last Wednesday, October 22nd, to discuss about the Parliament Hill shooting occurred in Ottawa on Wednesday morning, and the reprecussions it could lead to.

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Video 1

Video – 3’28: Retired RCMP officer Risto Haataja joined Gord and Linda, to discuss todays events and the reprecussions it could lead to.



Video 3’31: Risto Haataja discusses security policy on Parliament Hill


Will Hotels Continue to be the Preferred Soft Target of the Future?

30 September, 2014

From 2003 until 2010, there was an unprecedented escalation of terrorist bombing and armed attacks on hotels in specific regions of the world. However, in recent years this choice of soft target appears to have subsided. Why is this or are we in a lull before a new storm of attacks. Andy Williams, CPP, Senior Partner Temi Group (Finland) will be presenting the conference “Will Hotels Continue to be the Preferred Soft Target of the Future?” at the ASIS 6th Middle East Security Conference & Exhibition, that will take place on 15-17 February 2015 in Dubai, UAE at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City. Read the rest of this entry »

Andy Williams conference in Fareham (UK), next sep. 23rd at CSARN / Business Continuity and Corporate Reputations

24 July, 2014


Andy Williams, Senior Partner of Temi Group, will be participating in the briefing: CSARN / Business Continuity and Corporate Reputations, to be held next 23 Sept, 2014 at Estee Lauder Companies in Fareham, Hampshire (UK) with the speaking “Sharkenomics – Restricting Illicit Trade by Environment Suppression”. Business Continuity and the protection of Corporate Reputation is a critical area for businesses. There are a range of guidance documents and standards. This is important in ensuring that businesses are prepared and responsive … but how can all this preparation be applied into ‘real world’ scenarios of dynamic unpredictability and high stress? In this briefing, CSARN will host a seminar where business continuity practitioners will share their own ‘real world’ experiences. Read the rest of this entry »

Security Report Mexico: widespread insecurity vs failed state

30 June, 2014


No doubt about the strategic value of the economy of Mexico, a market formed by 120 million people, the world’s biggest spanish-speaking country with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of USD 1,200 billion, growing at a rate of 1.1% in 2o13. Manuel Sánchez Gómez-Merelo, Senior Partner Temi Group, as an international security consultant based in Spain, is a strong specialist in the Mexican and Central American markets, where he has developed many projects. The following Report summarizes the trends for the security environment in Mexico and its impact in the activity of industries and businesses. Read the rest of this entry »

Loss Prevention for Restaurant Companies

31 May, 2014


King Rogers, U.S. Senior Partner of Temi Group. When it comes to employee caused losses, both the large companies with dedicated loss prevention departments and the operators with limited or no loss prevention department, deal with the same issues. As with every other aspect of running a business, the need today is to find ways to deal with the issues more effectively and more efficiently. Learn more in the white paper: “HOW TO IMMEDIATELY ENHANCE PROFITS IN RESTAURANTS – Loss Prevention Basics for Large and Small Restaurant Companies” by Mike Knievel from King Rogers Group, LLC (KRG). Read the rest of this entry »

Global Risks 2014 report

30 April, 2014


Temi Group delivers Security risk management advisory services on a collaborative basis. This in turn enables quick, dynamic and flexible mobilisation to any required solution or need on a global & local basis. In this context, publications like the Global Risks 2014 report from the World Economic Forum allow Temi Group to extract interesting consequences for society, politics and businesses that impact the projects that Senior Partners are involved with, all over the world. Read the rest of this entry »

A day without Private Security? How mass media misinformation can lead to unjustified social alarm

29 March, 2014


It is often easy to detect a short work of investigative journalism and little rigor that generally seen in the mass media about the treatment of Security issues, and it also surprises how little we measure the impact of ignorance and misinformation on society, even to generate unjustified social alarm. By Manuel Sánchez Gómez-Merelo. Senior Partner of Temi Group, and independent Security Expert Member of the Government Commission for Legislation on Private Security, Ministry of Interior (Spain). Read the rest of this entry »